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Hi, my name is June! I created this site specifically with you in mind, inspired by my YouTube channel to encourage you through words that will refresh, renew, and lift you up!


Look, we are women encouraging women. So, whether it's your job, school, business, family, commuting, or just being a friend, this community is designed for you.


We understand the many victories, difficulties and decisions that we face as women. You are totally resilient. Our YouTube channel, Premium Products & this site will always remind you of that.


We will set up times to 'Getaway,' create camaraderie, and provide a place for you to be replenished from the daily routines of life, so that you can return as a better wife, friend, mother, business owner, and more!

Let's face it. Life has made us Imperfect Experts. We already know there is a wealth of knowledge that you have gained on the way. Why not join and share it with us? You deserve to have a band of sisters who support and appreciate you, and we deserve you!


All merchandise that we will make available will be a reminder that you are not alone, you are appreciated and valued. Pamper yourself with our silky smooth body butters that have essential oils and a light fragrance that is sure to please! Let's not keep it to ourselves. We also have, special made butters for the men as well.

Our Body Butter and Balm are absolutely wonderful! 'Hint of Vanilla' is our first scent. Use it everywhere you would use lotion. You can also try it on your nails and hair. Other products are coming soon. Check out our testimonial page for our homemade Body Butters.

  1. How to apply: Using one or two fingers, scoop a quarter-size amount onto the desired areas, massage it in freely, and notice the glow."

  2. "Now, I personally do not recommend scooping a large amount into your palms and rubbing them together, as is typically done with most lotions, would be a waste of product. 

  3. This is a special formula with vitamins A & E that can relieve dry skin, prevent cell damage, and has been known to help with eczema.Let's face it, Arizona, unlike other places, can experience extremely high heat.                                                                                 I do not recommend exposing it to high temperatures if you stay in hot climates. This statement does not apply for cooler states. However if you forget, and the amazing Body Butter becomes liquid, simply place it in the fridge for a couple of minutes, and it will solidify again without losing any of its wonderful properties.

You can contact us through our email. Join us on YouTube for your dose of encouragement and chat . Thanks for visiting, Looking forward to hearing from you.


We are still currently building and working to add features that will unlock the store and more. Thanks for your patience