About June

I have always had a heart to encourage women. We endure so much and constantly give, usually with no thought of ourselves.

During the beginning of the pandemic as I was in prayer, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and made me aware that people out there were feeling alone, confused and scared.

I thought about the isolation and the rules that the government had set in place. I thought, 'If I could speak to people, let them know that they were not alone, and encourage even one person, it would be worth it.'"

That's when I went on Facebook Live (I had never really done it much, as I am not a tech person at all). But as I began to share what was in my heart with those who were watching, it became clear that we were all feeling quite the same.

What a blessing, as I kept going live a couple of request and phone calls were asking about getting the messages of encouragement in one place. My oldest son mentioned YouTube. Never did that before.

That is when I spoke to my friend Donna and shared what I wanted to do. She was excited and expressed her desire to apply and practice the filming training she received at A.S.U. I thought it was perfect! She also has a passion for encouraging women. As a result, we announced our move from Facebook to YouTube.

Now, the videos are conveniently accessible whenever needed. Coming home from work and knowing that an encouraging word is waiting, especially after serving and giving, gives us something to look forward to for ourselves.

For those of you who requested, we are now able to meet and do some live events! How exciting! We will keep you posted on any special getaways/events. Which is so rewarding for us all.

Having merchandise and products available to show our oneness and sisterhood makes it that much better as a reminder you/me we are not alone, we are rooting for each other.